Vision 6


Confirms the subscription of a specific Contact.

The Vision6 REST API supports transactional methods that can be used to trigger time-sensitive and critical communications.
Examples are welcome packs, invoices (as attachments), statements, payment confirmations and password resets.


Confirms the subscription of a specific Contact.

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int confirmContact( string api_key, int list_id, int contact_id );

API Key Access Level required: Standard access


api_key (string)

Key for accessing the API. See Getting Started for more information.

list_id (int)

The ID of the List containing the Contact.

contact_id (int)

The ID of the Contact to confirm.

Return Value

Returns the Contact ID on success.


The example code confirms the Contact 234 on List 1234567.


$list_id = 1234567;     // can be obtained using searchLists()
$contact_id = 234;      // can be obtained using searchContacts()

$api = new Api($url, 'YOURAPIKEY');
$api->invokeMethod('confirmContact', $list_id, $contact_id);


    "id": 1,
    "method": "confirmContact",
    "params": [

JSON Response

    "id": 1,
    "result": 234,
    "error": null


The method triggers the double opt in Autoresponder or Campaign events for the Contact.

Error Codes

This method may return the following error codes in addition to the standard error codes:

Code Error Description
303 Unable to Load List list_id is not a valid List
304 Unable to Load Contact contact_id is not a valid Contact in the List
302 Undefined Error: Contact Confirm Failed An internal error occurred

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